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When you’re looking for the best small business accountant near me, you’ll want a company that goes above and beyond to help you minimize your tax burden and grow your profits. Downing & Company will work proactively for you, helping you reach your financial goals.

We serve the east coast of the U.S., from Portland, OR and Seattle to Spokane, WA, and beyond.

Downing & Company specializes in working with small businesses in the needing tax planning, accounting, estate planning, and wealth management services.

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Established in 1964 in Portland’s Hollywood district, this firm already offered extraordinary tax planning services. Since then, I have evolved our company beyond the typical Portland accounting firm to include estate planning and wealth advisory because I wanted to take care of my family’s legacy wealth and help others do the same.

That’s why I show up for my clients, not just from January through April, but ALL year long. I’ve seen the disaster that is created as a result of poor tax and financial planning. And I want better for you and your family.

I enjoy connecting with my clients to understand what’s most important to them so I can help them make their dreams a reality, in this life and for the legacy they leave behind.

On behalf of my family and our amazing team at Downing & Co, I look forward to working with you so you can save in taxes today and ensure your legacy for the future.

Tim Downing
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Tim Downing, CPA | Downing & Co.
Managing Principal

Switching Accounting Firms Is Easier Than You Think

Switching from your current CPA in Portland seems like a major pain in the butt…
But in reality, all it requires is a brief email with your current accountant/bookkeeper:
“It’s time for a new direction. Please send my books over to Downing & Company, LLC. Thank you for your services.”
Your accountant is professionally mandated to provide your books to whomever you request they go to. It’s really that easy.

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Serving the greater Portland area’s 2,052,796 residents and 97,811 businesses spanning Laurelhurst, Goose Hollow, Hawthorne District, and beyond for all of your Portland small business accounting needs.
Serving the greater Seattle area’s 3,643,765 residents and 95,306 businesses spanning Ballard, Fremont, First Hill, and beyond for all of your Seattle small business accounting needs.
Serving the greater Spokane area’s 403,043 residents and 28,000 businesses spanning Millwood, Liberty Lake, Fairwood, and beyond for all of your Spokane small business accounting needs.
Serving the greater Salt Lake City area’s 1,098,400 residents and 59,607 businesses spanning Sugar House, Liberty Wells, Central City, and beyond for all of your Salt Lake City small business accounting needs.
Serving the greater Honolulu area’s 833,671 residents and 45,650 businesses spanning Pearl City, Waikiki, Kapolei, and beyond for all of your Honolulu small business accounting needs.

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We believe in full transparency and respect, which is why we offer a fixed fee for our accounting and estate planning services.
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