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Looking for a Small Business Accountant Portland - Save $10k to $250k This Year!

Our world class tax planning and accounting services are unmatched in the industry, saving you now and looking ahead for a bright future.
Serving the greater Portland area’s 2,052,796 residents and 97,811 businesses spanning Laurelhurst, Goose Hollow, Hawthorne District, and beyond for all of your Portland small business accounting needs.
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Tax Planning Case Study Image

Case Study

How We Helped a Couple Save $160,000 in Taxes After a Big Whoopsie!

Does this sound like your
current tax situation?

I'm so TIRED of seeing all this money going to the IRS!!
But I see how "the rich" are protecting their assets.
My accountant says "it's just how it is."
AND I KNOW there's something better we can be doing!

We’re the Portland Small Business Accountant
for You, If You Want…

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More Tax Savings
We’ll ensure you are saving as much as you possibly can on taxes. Never wonder again if you’re leaving money on the table.
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Extended Guidance
Our tax planning services are extraordinary because we are here to guide you and help you manage your money so that it works hard for you.
A Tax-Free Legacy
Our estate and trust tax services ensure the legacy you leave behind is as free as possible from the government eating up 40% of your estate.
«Our tax planning services go far beyond what most Portland small business accountants offer ensuring your money is working hard for you now and for generations.»
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Trusted by Portland Business Owners

“They were quick to get back to us and set up an in person appointment to discuss final taxes on an estate. The office was professional and in a great easy to get location.”

Doddie Dunbar

“We have had our taxes done here for many years. They have always been professional and provided excellent customer service.”

Rhiannon O'Brien

“Tim is wonderful. Easy to work with and very thorough, saving me money on my business taxes. I wouldn't use anyone else.”

Tessie Adams

CPAs Who Go Beyond Tax Planning

Established in 1964 in Portland’s Hollywood district, this firm already offered extraordinary tax planning services. Since then, I have evolved our firm beyond the typical accounting solutions to include estate planning and wealth advisory because I wanted to take care of my family’s legacy wealth and help others do the same.

That’s why I show up for my clients, not just from January through April, but ALL year long. I’ve seen the disaster that is created as a result of poor tax planning. And I want better for you and your family.

I enjoy connecting with my clients to understand what’s most important to them so I can help them make their dreams a reality, in this life and for the legacy they leave behind.

On behalf of my family and our amazing team at Downing & Co, I look forward to working with you so you can save in taxes today and ensure your legacy for the future.

Tim Downing
Tim Downing Signature

Tim Downing, CPA | Downing & Co.
Managing Principal

Proactive & Holistic
Tax Planning Services

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Customized Action Plan
We’ll take you through our proprietary client interview process to review your unique situation in detail and come up with a customized action plan that ensures your money is working for you and your family now and in the future.
Minimal Tax Liability
Minimal Tax Liability
Our tax planning solutions ensure your tax liability is as low as possible so you don’t have to worry if you left money on the table. You’ll be able to keep more of your hard earned money.
Long Term Strategy Icon
Long Term Strategy
Our relationship goes beyond taxes. We have 70+ professionals as part of our holistic family office services to help you manage your wealth long term and create a legacy.

Your World-Class Portland
CPA Firm

24 hours

Response Within 24 Hours


3-10x ROI

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No Surprises Guarantee

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Proactive CPAs

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Holistic Strategy

Friendly Advisors

Friendly Advisors

Secure Client Portal

Secure Client Portal

4 Reasons to Work With Our Portland Tax Accountants


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Your results are our success; that’s why it’s our number one priority. We design our work to generate at least a 3x ROI, and in most cases, we hit 10x. You can count on us to work hard for you and your money.



Proactive Advisors

Most accountants wait for you to come to them when you need something. Instead, we will proactively guide you to ensure your net worth is protected today and in the future for your family.



Work Holistically

Our comprehensive range of services ensures you get convenient access to all the experts you need, including tax planning, risk mitigation, wealth management, legal services, and business advisory.



CPAs Who Care

We’ve replaced stale formalities and technical jargon with down-to-earth, conversational relations. Our clients become friends. Many of our friends (clients) work with us for decades and become family. Our close friendly relationship is what we love most about our work.

Your Comprehensive
Tax Planning Services

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Tax Accountant for Businesses

✓  Minimize Tax Liability

✓  Tax Preparation and Filing

✓  State and Federal Payroll Tax

✓  Financial Statements (P&L, Balance Sheets, etc.)

✓  Mergers and Acquisitions

✓  Entity Selection and Structure

✓  Financial Planning

✓  Audits, Reviews & Compilation

✓  Litigation Support

✓  Forensic Accounting

✓  International Taxation

Tax Planning Services

✓  Keep More of Your Money

✓  Take Every Tax Credit and Deduction You Deserve

✓  Set Up a Recordkeeping System

✓  Year Long Tax Planning Strategies to Reduce Taxes

✓  Paycheck Withholding Guidance

✓  Deferred Tax Liability Direction

✓  Pension Plans and Retirement Contributions

✓  Tax-Exempt Income Advice for Investments

✓  Exit & Capital Gains

✓  Retirement Planning

Estate and Trust Tax Services

✓  Estate planning and Trust Tax Guidance

✓  Ensure Your Future Financial Goals Are Met

✓  Allocated Assets

✓  Gift Tax Returns and Strategies

✓  Business Succession Planning

✓  Trust Income Tax Returns

✓  Estate Tax Returns


Tax Relief

✓  Audit Representation

✓  Non-Filed Tax Returns

✓  Back Taxes Owed

✓  Payroll Tax Problems

✓  IRS Representation

✓  IRS Liens

✓  IRS Levies

✓  IRS Payment Plan

✓  Offer in Compromise

✓  Innocent Spouse Relief

Meet Your Portland CPA Team

Tim Downing, CPA

Tim Downing, CPA

Managing Principal
Jeannie Ryall, EA

Jeannie Ryall, EA

Tax Manager
Dachelle Hattan

Dachelle Hattan

Tax Accountant
Bob Coleman

Bob Coleman

Team Strategist
Lee Schwartz

Lee Schwartz

Advanced Planning Team Lead
Shirley McArthur

Shirley McArthur

Office Manager
Angie Tosa

Angie Tosa

Administrative Assistant

Switching CPA Firms is Easier Than You Think

Switching from your current Portland tax accountant seems like a major pain in the butt…
But in reality, all it requires is a brief email with your current accountant/bookkeeper:
“It’s time for a new direction. Please send my books over to Downing & Company, LLC. Thank you for your services.”
Your accountant is professionally mandated to provide your books to whomever you request they go to. It’s really that easy.

Book a Free

We’ll start your journey through our proprietary client interview process to review your unique situation and develop actionable recommendations that meet or exceed your tax, bookkeeping, or estate planning needs quickly and conveniently.

We'll Integrate with Your Accounting Software

Fixed Fee

No Surprises

We believe in full transparency and respect, which is why we offer a fixed fee for our accounting and bookkeeping services.
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Yes, We Offer Small Business Accounting in Portland, Oregon

Vancouver, WA
Salem, OR
Eugene, OR
Gresham, OR
Hillsboro, OR
Beaverton, OR
Bend, OR
Medford, OR
Springfield, OR
Corvallis, OR
Albany, OR
Tigard, OR
Lake Oswego, OR
Keizer, OR
Grants Pass, OR
Oregon City, OR
McMinnville, OR
Redmond, OR
Tualatin, OR
West Linn, OR
Woodburn, OR
Forest Grove, OR
Wilsonville, OR
Newberg, OR
Roseburg, OR
Klamath Falls, OR
Ashland, OR
Milwaukie, OR
Sherwood, OR
Happy Valley, OR

Hood River
Skamania (WA)
Klickitat (WA)
Cowlitz (WA)
Clark (WA)
Pacific (WA)
Wahkiakum (WA)
King (WA)
Pierce (WA)
Thurston (WA)

Portland Small Business Accountants is near Pioneer Courthouse Square which is close to Troutdale, Fairview, and Canby. Pittock Mansion, Providence Park, and Portland Japanese Garden are also nearby.


Is it worth it to hire an accountant for a small business in Portland, Oregon?
Hiring an accountant in Portland can be worthwhile for a small business, especially for navigating complex tax laws, improving financial decision-making, and ensuring accuracy in bookkeeping.
What type of accountant is best for small business?
A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is often the best choice for small businesses due to their rigorous qualification standards, broad knowledge, and expertise in financial management and tax planning.
Can I do the accounting for my small business?
You can handle your own accounting if you have a strong understanding of financial principles and accounting software. However, as your business grows, the complexity might necessitate professional help.
What are the disadvantages of hiring an accountant?
Hiring an accountant can be expensive and may reduce your control over financial operations. If not carefully chosen, there can also be a mismatch in business understanding and communication.
How to pick an accountant in Portland?

Choose an accountant in Portland by evaluating their credentials, experience with similar-sized businesses, and client testimonials. Ensure they understand your industry and can offer both strategic advice and practical accounting solutions.

1 Fun And 1 Interesting Fact About Portland!


Portland is affectionately known as the “City of Roses” due to its ideal rose-growing climate, which led to the establishment of an annual Rose Festival starting in 1907. An intriguing feature of Portland is Mill Ends Park, officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest park in the world, measuring just two feet in diameter. It was created in 1948 on a median strip for the purpose of being a colony for leprechauns and a location for snail races.

Portland Small Business Accounting Resources

Oregon Society of CPAs


10206 SW Laurel St
Beaverton, OR

(503) 641-7200

Oregon Association of Tax Consultants

3075 S.E. Century Blvd. Suite 110
Hillsboro, OR

(503) 726-0100

Portland Accounting Office


1120 SW 5th Ave #1250
Portland, OR

(503) 823-5288

Institute of Management Accountants


What is the Oregon Society of CPAs?
The Oregon Society of CPAs (OSCPA) is a professional organization representing certified public accountants (CPAs) in Oregon. Established to support and enhance the competency and professionalism of its members, OSCPA provides a range of services including continuing education, advocacy, and networking opportunities. It acts as a resource for its members regarding updates in accounting standards and regulations, and also offers leadership development and community involvement initiatives. Additionally, the society plays a significant role in promoting ethical practices and professional standards within the accounting profession in Oregon.
What is the Oregon Board of Accountancy?
The Oregon Board of Accountancy (BOA) is a regulatory agency responsible for overseeing the accounting profession within the state of Oregon. Its primary functions include licensing Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and public accounting firms, enforcing compliance with professional standards, and ensuring ethical practices in the field. The Board sets educational and professional requirements for licensure, conducts examinations, and manages continuing education mandates. It also investigates complaints and takes disciplinary actions against licensees who violate laws or professional guidelines. By doing so, the Oregon BOA aims to protect the public interest and maintain trust in the accounting profession.

Portland, Oregon Local Resources

Small Business Accountant Portland

5933 NE Win Sivers Dr, Suite 102
Portland, OR

(503) 257-9611

Portland Metro Chamber

121 SW Salmon St., Suite 1440
Portland, OR

(503) 224-8684

Portland Office of Management & Finance

1120 SW 5th Ave, Room 901, Portland, OR

(503) 823-5288

Portland IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center

1220 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR

(844) 545-5640

Portland Police Bureau

1111 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR

(503) 823-3333

City of Portland

1221 SW 4th Ave # 110, Portland, OR

(503) 823-4000

Top Companies in Portland, Oregon


One Bowerman Dr Beaverton, OR

(503) 671-6453

Columbia Sportswear

14375 NW Science Park Dr Portland, OR

(503) 985-4000

Daimler Trucks North America

4555 N Channel Ave Portland, OR

(503) 745-7124

Greenbrier Companies

One Centerpointe Dr., Suite 200
Lake Oswego OR 97035

(503) 684-7000

Umpqua Holdings Corporation

One SW Columbia St, Suite 1200
Portland, OR

(503) 973-5945

Vestas American Wind Technology

1417 NW Everett St
Portland, OR

(503) 327-2000

More About Small Business Accounting in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, stands as a vibrant city known for its lush greenery, cycling-friendly streets, and strong embrace of alternative lifestyles. As of the latest estimates, Portland boasts a population of over 650,000 residents, making it the largest city in Oregon and the 26th most populous in the United States. This diverse city offers a rich tapestry of demographics, with a significant Caucasian majority followed by Asian, African American, Native American, and Hispanic communities. The city’s demographic makeup reflects its cultural diversity, evident in its array of festivals, restaurants, and community events celebrating various cultures.

The residents of Portland are known for their progressive values, environmental awareness, and creative spirit. The city has a young, vibrant, and educated populace that drives its dynamic cultural scene. Portlanders are also recognized for their high engagement in local activism and politics, advocating for sustainability and social justice. The city’s unique character is also shaped by its numerous microbreweries, coffee shops, and a culinary scene that prioritizes local and organic ingredients, further defining the distinctive lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Small business accounting in Portland caters to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and startups, reflecting the city’s innovative and progressive spirit. Local accountants specialize in providing comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of small businesses, including bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial planning. Given Portland’s diverse economic sectors like technology, retail, and creative industries, these professionals are adept at navigating industry-specific financial challenges and opportunities, ensuring businesses not only comply with state and federal regulations but also thrive financially.

In addition to traditional accounting services, Portland’s accountants often focus on sustainability and community engagement, aligning with the city’s values. They offer guidance on taking advantage of local eco-friendly incentives and help businesses implement practices that contribute positively to the community. This approach supports small businesses in integrating into Portland’s social and environmental fabric, fostering not just economic growth but also a commitment to the city’s overall well-being and sustainability.

Downing & Co works with businesses and high-networth individuals to minimize their taxes and grow their bottom line, while building and preserving their legacy. Offering tax planning, accounting services, estate planning, and wealth management services in the greater Portland area, we work holistically and proactively for you. Our clients love our quick response time, fixed fees, friendly advisors, and our creative, results-focused approach.

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